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We have just been informed that Swabbies 4th of July Bash has been cancelled this year so waiting to hear about our next performance on 9-11 at Sun City Lincoln Hills Amplitheater to see if still a go.  We will keep you updated.


On the bright side, we would like to welcome Julie Leal as the newest member of our band.  Julie has been performing for years in several bands in the Sacramento area and will be adding vocals and percussion for even a bigger Cherry Bomb sound!


Keep checking back for updates on our upcoming performances.  Hopefully soon you can all put your dancing shoes back on and start ROCKIN' IN THE USA once again!!!  Please see our Performances page for more shows and details.


Hope to See you at one of our shows!

In Honor of Our Special Friend, Mike Kelly

Our amazing bass player and very special friend, Mike Kelly passed from his long battle with cancer.  He loved to sing and play music which he started at a very young age and became a consummate bassist who was sought out by the best bands around including a long term engagement with the Michael Gregory Band.  His early musical influences included Tower of Power, R&B, and Motown.  At the age of 17 he started playing in garage bands and in his mid twenties he lived his music dream by going on the road with various bands.  Recently he married his long time girlfriend, Brooklyn who has stood by him through both good and bad times and brought much joy into his life.  

Cherry Bomb had the honor of sharing the stage with this very talented musician and cherished friend who always kept us in stitches with his humor and up beat personality.  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to play music with and to know, Mr. Mike Kelly.

Forever Rock Our Friend!

Mike Haden, Booking: 916.223.3627

Sacramento, CA, USA

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